we provide a more friendly and personable service, whether you’re visiting us
    for car repairs, car servicing, MOTs, engine diagnostics or new tyres.
    Our team is always willing to share the incredible amount of knowledge and experience
    it’s accumulated over the years, and the feedback we receive from our customers indicates
    that our traditional business values continue to work to the present day,
    despite major changes the motor trade has undergone.


Below, we’ve looked to run through the various automotive services provided at Chris and Chris Motors, the Kew and Richmond areas’ favoured local car garage.

Car Repairs

Our timeserved team of specialists use a combination of the latest technology, and old fashioned mechanical expertise to quickly get to the bottom of any issue you might be experiencing with your vehicle.

Car Servicing

This essential maintenance service sees us carry out a series of checks on vehicular components, before topping up oil levels and replacing your old fuel filter.

MOT Testing

If your vehicle is over three years old, it’s legally required to undergo MOT testing. While seen by many as a chore, it does play an important part in ensuring your vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

Engine Diagnostics

Is your vehicle performing poorly, making strange noises or experiencing a loss of power? Bring it into Chris and Chris Motors in Kew, Richmond.

New Tyres

When fitting new tyres, we never mislead our loyal customer base with inaccurate advertisements, or by applying hidden charges; wheel balancing and weighting are included in the total cost.

Batteries, Brakes & Clutches

Our car garage enjoys unrivalled access to leading manufacturers across Kew, Richmond and wider southwest London, and receives priority delivery on all ordered parts and components.

Who We are

Welcome to the website of Chris and Chris Motors. A local car garage in Kew, Richmond, we proudly serve the local southwest London area. High levels of repeat business and frequent referrals from satisfied customers mean we continue to grow our client base, ensuring nearby motorists have a trusted solution for everything from car repairs and car servicing, to MOTs, engine diagnostics or simply a set of new tyres. Originally founded by Chris Kyriaco, our core team of seasoned mechanics is completed by co-founder Chris Parsons and ParvizKhoshnam.

Customers continue to use our car garage because of our transparent and ethical business values, traditional operational methods and unrivalled standard of service. By offering an expansive range of mechanical, testing and body repair solutions, Chris and Chris Motors provide a more affordable alternative to main dealerships, national fast-fit centres and body shop networks. What’s more, our rich history and smaller size means we provide a more friendly and personable service, whether you’re visiting us for car repairs, car servicing, MOTs, engine diagnostics or new tyres.











We are very proud of our heritage and unique hostory here. We certainly want to preserve and further develop this great relationship of respect and trust taht we have with all our clients, some of whom we have known for more than 40 years.


A Trusted Local Car Garage in Kew, Richmond

Over 90% of our valued trade and private customers live/work in Kew, Richmond – or elsewhere in the surrounding southwest London area. Due to high levels of repeat custom, we’re confident we’re excelling in all categories – from workmanship, to pricing and customer service. But that doesn’t mean we’re asleep at the wheel. Under the leadership of Chris Kyriaco, we keep pushing the envelope; we want our MOTs, car repairs and car servicing to remain competitively priced, and expertly delivered. The same goes for our engine diagnostics, and when we fit new tyres.


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